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Copper Anodes

Copper Anodes

We make sure that the offered lot complies with the stated quality norms, thus check the product quality on several stages. We have hired a team of experts who have developed a system for making safe and secure transactions. Our system has offline as well as offline options for payment.


Phosphor copper- plating anode, is widely used in acidic bright copper plating,PCB electroplating industries. High-quality phosphor copper anode is the important plating raw materials of perfectly multi-storey decorative steel products, zinc die-casting, plastic, aluminum die-casting, aluminum part and aluminum zinc alloy manufacture. High-quality PCB phosphor copper anode is an important material of advanced electronic circuit boards. We used the high technology in the melting method and the process. We manufacture a series of PCB grade and metal plating grade phosphor anodes in difference specifications, basing on the United States highest quality standards in the similar industry.

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